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“As a 30 year veteran Sports Physical Therapist, I know a thing or two about movement. What The Vent Crew brings to the table regarding movement and fitness is hard to beat. They espouse education, community, and sustainability/longevity and do so with energy and enthusiasm. In my almost 60 years, I have never had a gym experience like this one. Top notch crew, top notch coaching/education, and top notch experience. I challenge another gym to match the three dimensional experience Bree Cochrane and her team create! Well Done!!”


“I highly recommend joining The Vent CrossFit gym. The staff and instructors do a good evaluation of your present mobility and abilities as well as your goals before you begin your fitness journey. The classes can be intense, but the instructors know to scale the workouts to your current ability levels. During workouts we’re all encouraging of each other’s efforts.
After the first three months, I’ve made positive improvements to my strength and conditioning because of going to The Vent group classes. I’ve had some previous injuries before joining, and the instructors have been helping me work through them. I know I still have a ways to go to reach my goals, but I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made so far. I’m looking forward to workouts and the fun challenges they bring.
Now after six months of training, my previous injuries are virtually non-existent (I don’t want to jinx myself by writing they’re completely gone). The strength and mobility in those joints are back to normal and getting better. My strength, conditioning, and athleticism haven’t been this good in several years. I enjoy the workout variety and camaraderie the group classes bring. Again, I highly recommend ‘The Vent’ as a CrossFit gym to improve and maintain your health and fitness.”


“I have found my happy place. I’ve always been someone who enjoys getting up in the morning and working out, but The Vent gives me so much more than just a workout. I have found a new perspective on how to use my body more efficiently in all aspects of my life. The coaches there understand my goal of keeping my body healthy and strong so I cannot only really play with my young kids today but look forward to all the physical activities I will do with my future grandkids. And as a naturally competitive person, I was worried about the competition aspect of CrossFit, but I quickly discovered Vent members are about supporting each other and lifting each other up, and who can’t use that at 5:00 in the morning? I love My Vent family and I’m so thankful to have found The Vent.”


“I am 49 years old and just started working out again after a five-year down period. I’ve never really been the “gym type.” I tried The Vent as part of a Whole Life Challenge for eight weeks. I am never leaving! I was nervous about working out in a gym with bad technique and injuring myself. There is no chance of that here. These coaches know their stuff and make “doing it right” a priority. Even though it is a group class, you get the individual attention you need for a safe and effective workout. I gained four pounds of muscle in eight weeks and feel stronger than ever–without even so much as a muscle strain. I completely trust the coaches understand my abilities and push me to really challenge myself. The whole community is supportive and motivating. There are members from all age groups and athletic abilities. I actually look forward to the classes and feel “off” when I miss a day. I plan on rocking 50 with The Vent’s help! Thanks in advance, Bree and Alex!”


“The Vent is the BEST. Coach Bree and her staff individualize the workouts to fit anyone from teen to senior…. Novice to expert. Everyone is welcomed in and treated as family…and it feels like family from day 1. Workouts are always fun…. And challenging. My progress has been a byproduct of great coaching here. Bree also focuses on helping our community & small businesses. I love this one-of-a-kind gym! Well worth it.”

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